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My newest "masterpiece" *cough*. Tried drawing one of my frogs (dendrobates tinctorius) using the computer. All I can say is: I wish I had one of these neat graphic tablets. The mouse appears to be my enemy. ... Drawing and coloring done using Open Canvas 1.1 (hey, it's free; free is good.) As you can see the pic's finished, it's not as if I had given up in frustration. *ahem*

Also, the real frog looks a bit different; but I'm sure he'll forgive me for forgetting to add the black spots on his legs (oops?) and for adding too little blue to the stomach. Oh well. I'm aware of the hind toes, if anyone noticed some missing. ;)


If you could create anything artistic, what would it be?
I do. I draw. I like to think I've got some talent, at least.

Drawing of a fox


Drew this little one from a photo I saw - since you so rarely meet live foxes. ;)

three drawings done for school

There you go. ;) 



Quick sketch of a goose

Gosh these aren't funny when they're angry  XD

Scraps of a bat and a frog...

Well. I've had this journal for a time now, but I've never really gotten around to using it, save for the odd journal entry here and there (which I've mostly deleted by now). 
I decided to change that. ^.~
So as of now, I'll be using this journal for my drawings and scratches (I've recently started drawing) and I guess I'll just see where it goes from there, eh? ;)
To start off two scraps:

A bat (they're cute XD), which was drawn from a photo.

And a frog, also drawn from a photo.